How To Overcome Creative Block As A Photographer

Every now and then, we as creators will stumble upon a road block which inhibits us from creating any further. Although frustrating, this is actually a perfect time for us to use the moment to grow. What seems like a detriment is actually a blessing in disguise. Here are some ways in which you can push through the creative block and use it to your advantage!

TIP #1: Re-evaluating your own work

By re-evaluating your work, I mean that you should review your previous projects, pinpoint certain parts of it, and try to build off of it. For example, if you have a shoot coming up but are unable to come up with any new ideas for it, looking back at what you did before may spark a new idea in mind. Maybe you took a shot, and through that shot, you see a few other angles you can use, or a different way of composing the shot. I’ll often look at my own work for inspiration, as it’s a great guideline to helping me improve on my own work.

TIP #2: Take a break

Sometimes having a mind full of clutter and noise, blocks out the sounds that we want to hear. In order be able to locate the sounds we’re listening for, we have to get quiet with ourselves. Removing yourself from the working environment in your mind and putting yourself in an environment in which you’re able to hear clearer may sprout out new ideas. It’s great to refresh your mind with other things.

TIP #3: Experiment with something different and new

As creatives, we often have our own niche, and our own style in which our audience will recognize us for. When struggling to come up with new ideas, try experimenting with a style that is different from your own. This will help expand your mind and spark new ideas within you that you never knew existed.

TIP #4: Listen to music

You know when you’re listening to music that you’re really into, and you begin to see pictures and stories in your mind that is created through the music alone? Yeah, talk about some great inspiration! Pick a genre in which would match your style, and start giving them a listen. Close your eyes while letting your mind flow free, allowing your creativity to wander endlessly. This is a great meditative experience that will be sure to spark new ideas and break through that creative block.

TIP #5: Attempting things at random

Have you ever done something at which first seems odd, but over time, it actually turns out to be not so bad of an idea? This is going to be one of those situations! You never truly know if any idea turns out well or not until you try it out. Put down some random thoughts that may be wandering in your mind and go and test it out! It may turn out better than you think!