A Professional Photographer's TOP 5 TIPS On Growing Your Photography!

Hey there! If you’re a photographer who is looking for pointers on how to start out and build their business up, then you’ve come to the right place! Starting off in any type of venture is difficult at first as the mountain seems high to climb up. Through my experience, I’ve gathered 5 tips that you can utilize to help yourself grow, not only as a photographer, but as a business as well!

TIP #1: Putting yourself out there

This may seem like common sense, but we often overlook the small things that in the moment, don’t seem too important. In order to grow yourself as a photographer and a business, people first need to know that you are open for business. Whether it be you posting content on your social media platforms, or attending events in which you may meet prospects, having your name out there along with the lines “open for business” is crucial if you want to be found. One thing that I’ve done a lot of was meeting with people and building genuine relationships with them. I found that once you know one person, you’ll end up knowing 5+ more through that single person alone. Now multiple that by 100 and you’ve got yourself a great network of people!

TIP #2: You have to be good

Now, here me out. If you as a person were looking for some sort of service, you wouldn’t go intentionally looking for an amateur! You would ideally want someone with professional experience, and most likely an expert. So look at yourself through the eyes of someone who is in need of a photographer - your work itself will decide for them on whether or not they want to hire you. So before you begin to advertise your name and work everywhere, I suggest that you ask for constructive criticism from peers to see where your work stands in their eyes. Practice also makes perfect, so be sure to get out there and shoot as much as you can, and learn from every shoot! Having at least a few great projects, or a gallery of stellar photos is always a sure way to increase the chances that a prospect may hire you!

TIP #3: Find your niche

This goes hand in hand with TIP #2. If you find your niche, and become an expert in it, you’ll never have to worry about not having any business as people will come flowing your way as your work says it all. How do you find your niche? You taste as much as you can with your camera. Explore the several types of photography, find out which you’re great at, which you enjoy doing the most, and hopefully they’ll both be coincide!

TIP #4: It’s not about the equipment

Yes, certain equipment will have its obvious advantages over others, but if you’re not a great photographer at heart, then no matter what gear you’re given, the results will not come out any similar to a professional’s results. Lock down your own roots in photography, and develop a certain style for yourself. Always having “go-to” shots is a great way to start off a shoot so that you can warmup your eye.

TIP #5: Learn from other successful photographers

The world of photography is incredibly vast and the market is huge. This is why I wrote down TIP #3 of finding your own niche. This will help you stand out from the crowd, and narrow down your focus and line of work. Pay attention to what other photographer’s are doing, and try learning from it. It’s best to learn from people who have been successful through their photography. Branch yourself out and meet face to face with the already successful photographers, if you want to work your way up, it’s best to know how other’s got up in the first place.

Thanks for tuning in to this post! I hope that you were able to find value through this. If you want to stay up to date for more, feel free to join my email list! Have a great day!