The Beginning

Ten months ago I decided to pursue my dream in photography by dropping out of school and boy did it feel good. What started out as a hobby turned into a passion. As someone who wasn't too fond of school, I saw this as a way out of it. While never really excelling in school, I've always been attracted to the world of creating. I knew that that would be my strongest suit. If you're familiar with the theory of the left and right brain, I guess you could consider me as "right brained dominant". Upon dropping out, I've received nothing but the up-most support from friends, family, and many many others that I've crossed paths with.

It's crazy to think that I began taking photos with my iPhone 4s just two years ago. From walking the streets of Downtown Vancouver with my earphones plugged in, snapping pictures of whatever seemed appealing and aesthetic to me... to now as I'm currently in New York - working and collaborating with many talented individuals and brands. But that'll be another story. The beginning of anything will always be one of the toughest parts. To begin something means to take initiative, and to take initiative you must first find that inner grit within you. It's been a roller coaster ride to say the least, and if you're truly in it to win it, then you're gonna have to love the downs as much as you love the ups. If you were familiar with me back then (when I first started getting into photography), then you would understand that I'm nothing now like I was during that period of time. It was extremely challenging for me to take that first step, that initiative, even if it meant just heading out to Downtown Vancouver on my own to capture the beautiful city. That was the beginning. Now we're in the middle. For how long? Who knows. I don't believe in "an end" or "destination", all I know is that I love the process and I don't plan on ever slowing down. If there is one thing that sticks to me the most over the past ten remarkable months, it's the characteristic of resiliency. I could go on and on and on about it, but unless it's something you personally experience, you wouldn't fully grasp it. So I guess that's somewhat of a challenge for ya...


Some old shots from the beginning. If you were around during that time then you'll recognize these...

IMG_3736 (1).PNG
IMG_3737 (1).PNG